In 2021, Lost Sparrows hosted our first annual conference on developmental trauma. Two hundred and fifty people sat through a long, but encouraging and informative day of speakers addressing various issues surrounding trauma. We felt like it was a great start, but we could do better. So we are excited to share that we are hosting our second annual Trauma Conference this October 14-15 in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Last year, my wife Stacey and I shared the four lies we believed when we began fostering in 2006. We believed that children were born resilient, and that they would forget the challenges they endured as infants. Issues of abandonment and neglect, physical and emotional abuse. We were wrong. We believed that our love would fix them, and that when things got difficult, we just needed to try harder as parents. We were wrong.

Trauma parenting is a different form of parenting. All of the tools and techniques we used with our biological children failed miserably with our kids with trauma. We learned some very hard lessons and made too many mistakes to count. So now, we share what we learned with others, and we do the best we can to support other families learning how to trauma parent. We share how trauma changes the developing brain of a child, and how instead of being wired for connection, the brain becomes wired for protection.

We hope you will consider joining us this October to learn from some amazing experts in the field of developmental trauma. We have a unique mix of speakers with different backgrounds and experiences, but with the same love for helping others know how to parent, teach, counsel, or lead effectively. Whether you are a teacher, case worker, church staff, youth worker, foster parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, counselor or just want to understand the effects of trauma better, this conference will be powerful and helpful. It will be an encouraging time to be around hundreds of others looking for the same answers and support on the issue of trauma.

Darren Gagnon, Founder and President of Lost Sparrows